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            From what we have learned, there are a lot of activities being associated with public relations. Another activity is what we call public affairs. In this module, you will how public affairs is connected with public relations and how it differs from each other. So, take your time to read and enjoy the knowledge you will gain in this module.





1. To identify what public affairs mean.

2. To differentiate public affairs and public relations

3. To teach the students the relationship of public affairs and public relations.


What is Public AffairS?


            Public Affairs is an all catch term that includes public policy and public administration, both of which are closely related to draw upon the fields of political science as well as economics.


It represents an organization's efforts to monitor and manage its business environment. It combines government relations, communications, issues Management and corporate citizenship strategies to influence public policy, build a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders.


Public affairs claims to be non-partisan. it focuses on methods of public administration, illustrated by historical examples, recording outcomes.


It can be defined as "the management of institutional relations at a profit".


           Public affairs designate the strategic management of decision making processes at the interface between politics, economics and society. it describes that cutout of the professional consultation and communication of enterprises and federations, which the relationship with groups in politics and bureaucracy and with social groups of influences management analyzed and in well-planned manner. Public affairs organize the external relations of an organization, particularly to governments, parliaments, authorities, municipalities as well as federations and institutions-and to the society.


 Public Affairs is to be understood due to its high relevance of task management. Political decisions concern not only the development of an individual enterprise, but whole industries. Therefore it is the task of Public Affairs to secure business success by purposeful interferences lastingly and avoid and avoid crisis. broadcasting, this is known as the "sunday-morning public affairs ghetto". at some (particularly national) broadcasters, public affairs may be a special unit, separate from the news department, dedicated to producing long-form public affairs programming, as the canadian broadcasting corporation prior to 1992.


            The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy is responsible for the Embassy’s educational and citizen exchange programs, media relations and public information programs about the United States. Through seminars, visiting speakers and other programs, the Public Affairs Section engages Korean audiences in discussions on such issues of mutual concern as security, economics and trade, environmental policy and on scholarly topics related to the

 the study of the United States.


             Press inquiries for an embassy official should first be directed to the information officer, who can provide current information on the U.S. Policy, advise on which embassy official to contact with specific question, and arrange interviews.




Misconception on Public Affairs and Public Relations


            Confusion between public affairs and public relations exists because some organizations use the terms interchangeably to represent the larger public relations concept. In these organizations, management views public affairs as more acceptable title for the public relations functions. in these organizations, management views public affairs as a more acceptable title for the public relations function. in other organizations, public affairs represents a specialized part of public relations. Even in these organizations, however, only 43 percent use public affairs as the title for this specialized department, with other using the titles corporate affairs and external affairs. Public affairs aren’t public relations itself. it is just a part of public relations.


Public Affairs as part of Public Relations


Public affairs are the specialized part of public relations that builds and maintains mutually beneficial governmental and local community relations.


Thus, public affair is an active, strategically planned, interactive process. Public affair means protection of interests in the political context. it avails itself thereby both of the methods of classical public relations (pressing and medium work, issues management, etc.) and specific instruments such as lobbying (communication along consultation of relevant decision makers, directly or over opinion makes and media), political monitoring, corporate social responsibility, etc.. Since the regularities of economics and politics change constantly, it necessarily that the enterprises are able to react extremely flexibly to new topics and problems. it is task of the public affairs to create relations with the relevant groups of dialogues of an enterprise to keep upright and at the same time to represent at these groups the interests of the enterprise. since no enterprise can act isolated from society and politics, the interests of an enterprise have always also effects on social ranges.


 Practice and science agree that PR maintains and develops the relationship with public, which are for appropriate organization of importance.                           

Public affairs in the practice of PR, which addresses themselves to politics and public, in order to affect the policy. PR sees public affairs as an instrument for the speech of political target groups.


In many corporate public relations departments, the public affairs section attends to public policy and “corporate citizenship” political education for employees, civic volunteer service by employees and mangers, and active participation in community development. Corporate public affairs specialists serve as liaisons with governmental units; implement community improvement programs; encourage political activism, campaign contributions, and voting; and volunteer their services in charitable and community development organizations. Many public relations counseling firms use the public affairs label to identify their lobbying and governmental relations department.



Sierra Patricia G. Milan