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Events and Government Information Campaign

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            This will tackle about events and government campaign. This module will show the different government and events campaign.



1.      To know how government information started.

2.      Examples of government event campaign.

3.      Do’s and don’ts of organizing campaign.


Government Information


            By 1913 there were enough concerns being expressed about the appropriateness and the directions being taken by Government public relations practitioner that congress sought to put limits on government spending for public relations. These came about in part because some business interests resented the public relations success of the US forest service that had led to the closing of some federal land to loggers. More accurately, the federal government back away from the term public relations. It didn’t stop doing public relations. It simply gave the activity new, less offensive and more public spirited labels. The most widespread euphemism was

 “ public”  information and a look at the job titles for almost any federal government agency woll reveal maltitudes of:

                                    PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICERS

                                    PUBLIC INFORMATION SPECIALISTS

                                    PUBLIC AFFAIRS MANAGERS

                                    PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICERS         


Doing a Campaign

Do’s and Don’ts of organizing a campaign.


  1. Don’t forget to make up name tags for your own people or VIP’s.
  2. Do remove any remaining name tags from the front once the event started.
  3. Don’t choose a date or time for your event that could cause conflict.
  4. Don’t get banners and signage made up to display at the event.


Special Events

            Are the effective tool to reach specific audiences ranging from employees to customers. The danger of special events is not being able to ensure that they do reflect the message statement of the audiences.


Example of the events campaign



We are asking your branch to do whatever it can during the week to support our project.”


Email or to order your free information pack, or if you are interested in being the wateraid coordinator for your branch.


Government Information Campaigns


            The campaign for freedom of information is now profit organization working to improve public access to official information to ensure that the freedom of information act is implemented effectively.

            The campaign was set up on 1984, played a leading role in securing the passage of the FOI act and its recognized as a leading independent authority in the field.

            We provide training both for public authorities implementing the act and users of the legislation.

            The campaign is an independent organization. Its not affiliated to any political party.


Examples of Government Information Campaign


            A million government information campaign to educate the public about the change in law after cannabis reclassification will begin this week.

            The latest Frank campaign wick run them thursday 22 jan. A week before cannabis becomes a class C Drug. It consists of radio adverts targeted at young people, leaflets and an information. Pack sent out to all schools  drugs advisors, drug action teams, drug charities, health organization and unions. It wick promote one simple message – cannabis will be reclassified on Jan29, but it is harmful drugs will remain illegal.


            Home office drugs ministers, caroline flint said” cannabis is harmfuland will remain illegal water when it is reclassified to clas C . That is the sample message driven by Franks in the government new information campaign launched today.


            One million copies of the leaflets cannabis and the law and 1. million copies of drugs and the law.


The Government Information Campaign on Elected Regional Assembles


            The minister for local government regional governance an fire in August we sent a leaflet to every household in the north east. The leaflet provided information about the regional assembly and local government referendum.


            An error has been discovered in the information about the cost of local government in county Durham the cost figure for option a.( one single tier local authority for the county Durham) was collectively shown. However the upfront cost of implementing “option B” that is destructing local government to create three unitary authorities to takeover the functions currently exercised by existing county and district councils was stated as 38 million it should have been 49 million.

            We will surely be writing to all household in county Durham correcting this error. The Government will meet the costs of implementing either option as stated in the leaflet.


Example of Event Campaign


Greenberg house- Campaign perspectives

Date: January 9 2004


Presidential Primary campaign perspectives

A panel and audience discussion

Syracuse University Peul GreenBerg House

2301 Calvert St. NW GreenBerg House


SUIN DC Tel: 202-797-4678


Wednesday evening, Jan 21

6:30 pm: Doors Open

7:00-8:30 panel discussion



Kevin Gutlieb PH.d

President, Gittlieb & Associated, INC.

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