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Requirements for filing of Candidacy

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Requirements for filing of Candidacy
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Gusto mo bang manguna sa lahat ng mga MASS COMM activities?

Gusto mo bang maging isa sa mga unang up-dated students?

Tiyak na ito ang hanap mo!


Ang maging COMMUNICATORS’ GUILD officer!


Mag-apply na for your candidacy.


Narito ang mga requirements at things to remember:


1. Make your resum (it includes your 2 x 2 ID picture, educational background, experiences, trainings and seminars, skills, organizations, awards received, and personal data). Put it in a short brown envelope with your name (Surname, First name, M.I.) and desired position written at the upper left corner.


2. The following positions are exclusively for incoming fourth year students:


a. President

b. Executive Vice-President

c. Vice-President Internal

d. Vice-President External, and

e. Executive Secretary


3. Fourth year students who are going to graduate on summer or on October (after the 1st semester) cannot apply for candidacy. Only those who are regular students or those irregular students who will stay for the coming whole academic school year can apply.


4. All the positions (except for the stated above) are open for all AB MASS COMMUNICATION students of whatever year level.


5. All applications should be in ON or BEFORE

FEBRUARY 10, 2006.


Pass your applications to MARK MANALO, COMM GUILD Vice-President Internal. For your questions, you can contact 09192320782 or 09062540888. You can also send your questions thru our friendster account or our e-mail add:


Kung kaya mong humawak ng responsibilidad, kumandidato ka na!
Tandaan, ikaw ay MASS COMM...
Astig. kakaiba. Orig.
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