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Marketing Public Relations
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Marketing Public Relations

Is relatively a new phrase which refers to the integration of public relations and marketing.


Marketing Public Relations as one of the sought-after Public Relations

specialized today


According to Renato S. Esguerra, specialist in Marketing Public Relations:

                        Imagine two communication process flows, working together toward the attainment of a common overall objective:  the profitability of the firm.  Imagine two sets of planned, organized, managed and controlled physical activities (PR and Marketing) propelled by the same profitability objective, what have you got to lose in Marketing Public Relations?



*      By being involved early and regularly with the client marketing functions, public relations can help assure totally integrated, strategically focused and cost effective marketing communications.

*      Public relations cannot simply be slipped into a marketing communication program.  It must be integrated when marketing plans are conceived and developed.


Public Relations support for Marketing includes:

1.  Publicizing news and events related to launching new improved products or services.

2.  Promoting established products or services.

3.  Creating favorable reputation or “image” of the company behind the product or services.

4.  Arranging and publicizing public appearances of marketing spokesperson.

5.  Probing public opinion in marketing area (research)

6.  Attracting news media coverage of sales conferences, trade shows, and other sales promotion events.

7.  Assisting in programs concerning consumerism.