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Government Relations


Because almost all organizations and individuals have dealings with government, government relations become an important area of PR.

Let’s try to establish some connections…


                                                            Department of trade and industry

Business                                                             Board of Investments

 Organizations                                                    Bureau of Customs

                                                  Bureau of Internal Revenue

                                              Other government offices


We deal with the government at various levels.

   -------->   Becomes necessary to deal with the office of the President at Malacaņang


                        :--------> Provincial levels


                        :-------->                    City levels


                        :-------->                            Municipal levels


                        :-------->                                           Branch offices of

                                                                                national organizations


Congress is also an important public in government relations

            Many organizations have regular dealings

            with members of congress especially as

            regards pending legislation affecting

            their operations.




= COORDINATION                                           OFFICES






Philippine Government-------->US Government

                                      In Washington

            DC           US Government officials / members of Congress

                                      On American



                                      The Philippines

  • Well, are you very much overwhelmed guys!  It might really mean a tough job dealing with federal employees huh!  Here are some steps that an organization should take to ensure smooth relations with government offices.


1)     Regularly monitor government rules and regulations affecting your operations

-  Make sure that you are abreast of what is going on in government

-  Be alert to situations requiring special contacts to facilitate government action


2)     Designate a specific individual or specific individuals within your organization whose responsibility is to deal with government offices

-  You have to make sure that he is fully familiar with the government set-up and should know exactly who to approach on specific matters.

-  PR agencies serving the organization can fulfill this function


3)     Calls on government officials

-  Company officials and executives should make frequent and regular calls on government officials with whom their company’s have dealings.

-  Not for any other reason; not to establish their so-called connections or whatsoever!  This is for the purpose of cultivating friendship and goodwill, preparatory to specific approaches on specific matters.


4)     Adopt PR projects aimed at improving government relations

-  Every so often, occasions arise when a particular government office would welcome participation from the private sector on some of its own projects

  -  A company could either actively participate in such projects or develop specific projects of its own in line with the objectives of a specific government office


5)     Company officials / executives should actively participate in civic projects in which government officials are active or are the leaders themselves of such civic projects.

-  Activities provide an excellent setting for establishing closer ties with government on a personal and friendly basis.