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Hotels and Restaurants PR


-         Let’s try to study this specialized field of PR by taking a glimpse of a PR practitioner’s experiences.  Well, let me come up with a brief introduction:





-  Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Arts from Maryknoll College (Now Miriam College)


-  She started her career at ABS-CBN but she had much longer stint at the Public Relations Department of Ayala Corporation.


She also holds a subsequent post as Special Service Director of Communication Foundation of Asia


-  The lady is the concurrent PR Manager of Century Park Sheraton Hotel, a position which she can hold without question considering her qualifications as a specialist in Corporate as well as Hotel and Restaurants PR


As a practitioner, she considers membership in professional organizations a must that’s why; she is considered a part of the Philippine Association of PR Counselors

 Ok, you’ve heard a LOT about her!  Now, let’s find out what she will have to say that can put you to the WINNING END!


1.      Where is PR normally to in the organizational structure of Hotels and Restaurants?  Why?


  “In an organizational structure of most hotels and restaurants, public relations are under Sales and Marketing.  This is due to the promotional and marketing functions also exercised b PR Manager, who is also directly under the General Manager.  With the PR Manager at the helm, the set-up in better coordination and integration of the functional, advertising and marketing activities of the hotel.”


TOUGH HUH!  The principles that we have learned in class, if you still remember talks about IMC – Integrated Marketing Communications.  So this is what they would usually have in Hotels & Restaurants.


2.      Can we say that Hotels and Restaurant Managements utilized Marketing PR in their operations?  How and up to what extent?


*     “In general, PR Managers in Hotels and Restaurants are usually charged with such Marketing functions.  As advertising, direct marketing, production of various corporate and marketing collaterals.


*     It, I mean the function, may also include maintenance of the mail list, liaison with partners and sponsors for the hotels promotional marketing projects.

I am in charge with ensuring that the image projected by the collaterals and undertakings depict that of the establishment.


*     The Hotel PR Manager’s utilization of media therefore consists of the ff:  Editorial contents or matters exposure in TV Programs for promotional purposes generally through magazine talk shows.  In this instance, media exposure is compensated partly in kind, through the use and availment of the hotel and restaurant’s facilities.


3.      To what extent should managements of hotels and restaurants give PR executives to directly assist in decision-making?


*     The PR Manager should be given the autonomy to plan and implement her department’s organizations, in conjunction with the hotel’s corporate and marketing strategies.


*     She has to administer the pre-approved budget and choice of local media used in Advertising should largely be upon her discretion, as she does when dealing with media editors and journalists.


4.      What are the reasons for the continuing increase today in the number of female PR practitioners in hotels & restaurants?


*     The high visibility of hotels and restaurants- accounts for the increase in the number of PR practitioners in these establishments.

*     The industry is perceived as glamorous and high profile and most establishments moreover, usually prefer to have female PR managers.