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            At the end of this module, the students should be able to:

1.      Define the different principles of employee and labor relations.

2.      Enumerate and discuss the different pointers on the said area of specialization

3.      Apply the principles in analyzing some given cases related to the field.


 “ To be able to win external goodwill, an organization should first enjoy  good internal relations”

                        Of course! If there is a desire for us to establish good relations with our external target publics, it should start from the internal target publics first.

                        Internal target publics will include an organization’s employees and labor unions.  Now, let us take a look at 2 specialized areas in Public Relations that will specifically deal with the mentioned target publics.     


EMPLOYEE RELATIONS – establishing goodwill and good relations with the organization’s employees.   The specific target public in this area are the employees.


LABOR RELATIONS – establishing goodwill and good relations with an organization’s labor groups and even external labor organizations as well.

            Employee and labor relations are vital to the successful operations of any enterprise.  It is from there where the enterprise would get their strength.      

                        Establishing goodwill and relations with employees and labor groups can contribute directly to the morale and efficiency of the individuals in the organization.  Now, let’s take a look at the distinct roles of the Personnel Manager and the Public Relations Manager.


            In our discussion of organizational settings, the internal PR Department will deal with the other departments of the company.  Some problems may arise in the sense that an overlapping in their responsibilities might exist.  Employee relations is the responsibility of the PR Department but we have to take note also that the Human Resources and Development Center(HRDC) or the Personnel Department is also concerned with employees!


v     OK! Let’s try to understand the scope of their work!




v     Attends to personnel matters within the company

v     He is the key figure in the establishment and preservation of industrial peace within the organization.

v     He has a dual role:

A.     Management representative to employees

-         assist management in the formulation of sound personnel policies and procedures to the employees

B.     Employees representative to management

-         studies the needs and viewpoints of the employees and presents these to management.

-         Counsels also individual employees on their problems, both official and personal.


Hey! Do you find it quite tough?  Well, wait till you see the PR man’s scope of work!




            Good labor relations makes for good PR!


That’s what needs to be done!


            The PR manager oftentimes is called in to give his views on labor problems which may be confronting the organization on or certain labor policies or procedures contemplated by top management.


      So, therefore in times of labor controversy, the PR manager carries the burden of interpreting the side of management to media representatives like newspaper, reporters, or radio or TV commentators.

      Indeed, he needs to refrain from “fanning” the controversy further through provocative statements on behalf of the management.

      He has to exert his utmost in keeping the management temper under control.

      OH MY! So, let’s try to take a look at the pointers then so that he can fulfill the responsibilities given to him.





1.      Adopt sound personnel policies and put them into writing.


[policies should undergo careful and thorough scrutiny on the part of the key executives as well as union leaders ( if there’s one in the company) before final adoption.


2.      Have a personnel relations program which meets the needs of the organization.


[Personnel relations program?  What are these?  Well, it is composed of activities that could be undertaken by the company, with the Personnel Manager in active command of course with close coordination with the PR Manager.


A.     Publication of a company organ

-         well written, carefully edited and interesting house organs


[Yes, this can be very helpful in maintaining rapport between employees and management.

[This can also be a key factor in elevating company morale.


B.     Recreational activities

            {Wow, this sounds so exciting!  Bowling tournaments, basketball?

C.    Socials

             it has been proven that employees who develop friendships among themselves extend mutual cooperation to a better extent than those who know one another only “officially”  across desks or only when they meet to punch the bundy clock.


D.    Seminars and Convocations

             SThis is some sort of an educational gathering which can contribute to the professional and intellectual growth of the employees; this can also promote closer relationship from among the staff.


E.     Recognition Ceremonies

      {Tenure of service and meritorious performance deserve recognition and you can hold special ceremonies for the purpose, of paying tribute to deserving members of the organization.


1.      Appoint a competent and dedicated Personnel Manager, or assign this responsibility to a qualified executive who has the time to devote to the job.


             * A good personnel manager is one who is not only qualified from the standpoint of the technical preparation for his takes, but also with a point of view of sincere interest and belief in the importance of his mission.

            _Above all, he should be approachable and likeable, for in his ability to win the confidence of and love of the staff lies his usefulness to the organization.


4.      Provide the necessary facilities with which person’s goals may be achieved.

- for the purpose of achieving personnel objectives and realizing personal plans.


5.  Adopt scientific and tested personnel methods and procedures.  This will be utilized in the matter of selecting, testing, hiring, training and evaluating and promoting personnel.  It had gained acceptance among many companies and organizations.