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     While your company as a whole has a general PR program to promote better PR with the general public, it is essential to each of your offices particularly Branches and regional offices, follow a program of community relations.


“Hey, we have to understand the statements above because we have to take into consideration the existing community within the environment of the organization!  An existing organization must look at the communities within the reach of the organization.  Let’s say for example a bank company can adopt a community and some improvements can be done like electrification, building of roads and infrastructures etc.” 




Here are some pointers to consider:


1.  Does your company follow a “good neighbor” policy in dealing with immediate community in which your company operates?


Consider these!!!!

-          mining company which was accused by town folks of dumping waste materials in their surroundings thereby destroying the land and water resources.

-          A leading oil company through its biggest inland oil refinery poses great threat and danger to the surrounding communities!

-          The areas previously occupied by the US Naval Bases were considered as a dumping sites of toxic wastes.

2.         What do your branches do to promote better relations with their respective communities?

__”A corporation can and must engage in the intelligent exercise of public responsibility.  This involves primarily a recognition on our part that business is a citizen in the very real sense and must therefore behave like a citizen in return for being allowed to operate within a community.”

                                                                        -Oscar Villadolid-

(from the speech entitled PR and social responsibility)


3.         Do your company officials and executives engage in various community activities and civic movements?


            ”It may interest you to know that community development, as you can see in the chart, ranks high in our donation program, followed by education, health, welfare and relief; youth organization, trade professionals, civic groups; local and national development; sports and miscellaneous organizations.”

                        Data presented by an executive of San Miguel Corporation.


4. To what extent does your company support worthwhile civic and charitable projects?





“The new business of business is man.” It was designed to give assistance to those who wish to improve themselves. It uses the same approach that business resorts to in its operations, confident that by doing so, the recipients will be able to fend for themselves with dignity and self-respect.”

5. What special projects is your company undertaking to build better community relations?


“Every person who owes his life to civilized society, and who has enjoyed since his childhood its very costly protections and advantages, should appear at reasonable intervals before a properly qualified jury to justify his existence.”

                                                -George Bernard Shaw-